Kianoush's arts and activities: One thousand ninety five days in exile

Saturday, December 1, 2012

One thousand ninety five days in exile

first December 2009 till today, it became 3 years living in exile, 1095 days, 26280 hours... I am grateful for many friends, colleagues, organizations from France, USA and Switzerland who brought me lots of motivation to continue my carrier, keep my motivation and doing many projects connected to my homeland's crisis, the human rights and cartooning. I am also very sorry and upset with some organizations and persons that tried to stop me by ignorance, abusing my situation and/or my name and jealousy, it's a shame for a welcoming beautiful country like France and Europe to have such a wrong people in some very sensitive responsibilities.

My special thanks to all efforts and attentions of my nice friends/colleagues, I remember them in this day that is a very important day for me:
  • Mr. Stéphane Grimaldi 
  • Mrs. Patricia Crousaz
  • Mr. Dominique Chastres
  • Mr. Jean-Yves Langlais
  • Mrs. Maryam Cadiot
  • Mr. Jean Plantu
  • Mr. Patrick Chappatte
  • Mrs. Carine Bachmann
  • Mr. Raphaël CHENUIL-HAZAN
  • Mrs. Sandrine Ageorges-Skinner
  • Mrs. Ilaria Fatone
  • Mrs. Juliette Salzmann
  • Mrs. Emmanuelle Lavaud
  • Mr. Robert Russell 
  • Mr. Nikahang Kowsar
  • Mr. Fathy Bourayou
  • Mrs. Juliette Grégoire
  • Mr. Robert Rousso
  • Mrs. Parvaneh Vahidmanesh
  • Mr. Reza Moini
  • Mr. Reza Movaffaghi 
  • Mr. Reza Machadi 
  • Mr. Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam
  • Mr. Robert Chahid
  • Mrs. Vanecha Roudbaraki
  • Mrs. Avideh Hashemi
  • Mrs. Isabelle Bournier
  • Mrs. Mojgan Amouzegar

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